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American Indian Leadership Program Alumni Consulting Team Proposed- Dr. Martin Reinhardt, co-owner and education division director for First Nations, LLC, has proposed the formation of a Pennsylvania State University American Indian Leadership Program alumni consulting group.

Graduates of the AILP are being invited to submit their credentials to First Nations Education which will then sub-contract with the AILP alumni to perform a wide range of services for clients on American Indian education issues.

The AILP at Penn State is one of the oldest American Indian graduate programs in the United States. Several of the graduates from the AILP have gone on to serve in important educational leadership roles across the Country. Dr. Reinhardt is among those who hail from PSU.

"The AILP provided me with a solid foundation in how educational leadership theory and methods can be used to help American Indian communities revitalize their systems of education", said Dr. Reinhardt. He added that "the network of professional educators that I was exposed to as a participant in the program has continued to impact my work in significant and meaningful ways". 

We anticipate that the consulting group will be up and running by summer of 2013. If you are a graduate of the PSU AILP and would like to be part of this consulting group, you are encouraged to submit your contact information to Dr. Reinhardt at martin@reinhardtassociates.net