About us

First Nations, LLC is part of the legacy of Fred Edward Reinhardt, Jr. who passed on August 16, 2010. From the proceeds of his estate, Fred's three children and their spouses decided to purchase the former McDonald Elementary School on the KI Sawyer Air Force Base in Gwinn, Michigan. The Old School, as it has become known, now serves as the location of First Nations, LLC headquarters. Cindi Berry, John Berry, Jim Reinhardt, Evelyn Reinhardt, Tina Moses, and Marty Reinhardt comprise the corporate board of directors. Tom Biron serves as the caretaker of the Old School.

Dad on the tractor at the farm.
Cindi and John with their boys Dan and Brian.
Jim and Evelyn with their boys Jordan, Jared, Jon, and Jason.
Marty and Tina with their girls Nim and Daabii.