Reinhardt & Associates

Reinhardt & Associates (R&A) was founded in 2008 by Dr. Martin Reinhardt. Dr. Reinhardt envisioned an education consulting firm composed of associates who specialized in the field of Indigenous education. R&A has provided numerous services for tribal, federal, state, and local agencies and private organizations.

R&A Services

Professional Development: Dr. Martin Reinhardt has worked with many agencies and organizations to deliver high quality professional development services on a wide range of issues focused on Indigenous education. Let us know what you need, and we will work with your organization to build a customized plan. Examples include: Indigenous Interdisciplinary Thematic Unit Development; Education Provisions in Treaties between the United States and American Indian Tribes; Identity and Indigenous Education; and Tr-Lateral Indigenous Education Consultation.

Research & Evaluation: Dr. Reinhardt and his associates are highly skilled in Indigenous education research. Examples include: documentation of traditional knowledge; content analyses; and decolonizing methodologies. We have provided evaluation services for governmental and university level programs as well as community based organizations. We also offer a referral service for research and evaluation projects that are beyong the scope of R&A.  

Presentations: Dr. Reinhardt is available for presentations on many topics focused on Indigenous education, food, treaties, identity, social relations, etc.