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Please visit the following websites to watch brief five minute overviews on:

The Shared Responsibility for American Indian Education.




The Treaty Basis of Michigan Indian Education.



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First Nations Education, a division of First Nations, LLC (formerly Reinhardt & Associates) provides a wide range of services including professional development workshops, presentations, evaluation, curriculum development, documentation, and customized training. Although First Nations, LLC is a for-profit company, we share a commitment to serving the greater good. As such, our services are provided using a sliding scale based on the needs and capacity of the client.

Our organizational philosophy is grounded in traditional American Indian values. We will hold ourselves to the highest standards as we interact with our clients. Niizhwaaswi kmiishomsananik (our seven grandftathers) teachings help guide us along our life paths as we try to be healthy and maintain balance and harmony. These values include: respect, love, honesty, humility, bravery, wisdom, and truth.
  • Dr. Martin Reinhardt working with MESA workers on recruitment and retention at CU Boulder. Photo by Calvin Pohawpatchoko, used by permission.
  • Dr. Martin Reinhardt carrying-in the TEDNA Eagle Staff at its first pow wow at the Denver Indian Center. Photo by Calvin Pohawpatchoko, used by permission.
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