About us

Education Division
First Nations Education provides high quality educational services for schools, school districts, organziations and tribal, state, and federal education agencies. We specialize in the following:

* Integrating American Indian Content into the Curriculum
* Consultation on Indian/Non-Indian Relations Indian Issues in School Climate
* Assessment Collaboration and Coordination in Developing Indian Education Programs
* Assistance in Meeting Civil Rights Compliance Efforts
* Educational Communications
* Conference Presentations
* Professional Development Workshops/Seminars
* Planning Conferences
* Research Studies
* Program Evaluation
* Customized Services
Community Relations Division
First Nations Community Relations specializes in facilitating relationship building between American Indian tribal communities and non-Indian entities.

* Initiating Contacts
* Coordinating Meetings
* Forming Partnerships
* Shared Responsibility Retreats
* Staff Awareness Training 
* Research
* Presentations
* Customized Services
Communications Division
First Nations, LLC sub-contracts with First Nations Communications to provide a wide range of services including:

* Vulnerability Assessments
* Information Assurance Audits
* Universal Access Fund Guidance